WISHLIST: London restaurants and cafes / by Hannah Foster

Places I've been to and recommend:

- Bottega Prelibato (tip: homemade pasta)

- Carluccio's (tip: simple easy Italian)

- Clutch Chicken (tip: fried chicken with secret off-menu veggie tenders)

- CrunchBox (tip: awesome salads)

- Duck & Waffle (tip: amazing view)

- E5 Bakery (tip: fresh bread and pecan pie)

- Embassy East (tip: best cheese toastie ever)

- Hummingbird Bakery (tip: all the cakes)

- Lantana (tip: great brunch)

- Long White Cloud (tip: brunch and TimTams)

- Narrowboat Pub (tip: Sunday roasts)

- Nopi (tip: polenta wedges with truffle oil)

- Ottolenghi - Spittalfields and Islington (tip: fancy salads)

- Princess of Shoreditch (tip: awesome gastro pub)

- The Gate (tip: fancy vegetarian)

- Three Crowns - East Road (tip: another awesome gastro pub)

- Timber Yard (tip: tea and brownies)

- Whitecross Street (tip: street food market)

Places on the wish list:

- Cocomaya

- Jamie's Italian

- The Albion

- The Duke of Cambridge

- The Ritz (for high tea)

- Any recommendations / comments very welcome!